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Causes of the American Revolution


American Revolution History is the professional educational website of military historian Professor Joseph R. Provost, M.A..  The American Revolution is a domain of historical investigation that has garnered much interest over the years in the form of articles, books, presentations and more.  Many popular historians like Gordon S. Wood, Bernard Bailyn, Robert Middlekauff, and David Hackett Fischer have greatly contributed to the historiography of American Revolution studies.  To further contribute to the historiography, this page will be dedicated to the philosophy and actions before the Revolution, the battles within the Revolution, the struggles of politics and military leadership and strategy, as well as the postwar challenges experienced by the new American nation.

There is often the idea that is floated within historical circles, especially among “history buffs” and other interested parties that the American Revolution had a singular cause, and the events that followed were directly related to that cause.  It will be the aim of this website which includes articles and videos, as well as on-location speaking engagements to dispel this error of singular explanations of historical events.  While one may be tempted to assign a singular cause to historical events which sits within one’s own lens of historiography, it is important to note that historical events do not have singular causes, rather, they are complex situations with a multitude of interpretive explanations.

Welcome to the website, feel free to explore, read the articles and watch the videos, and please let us know how we are doing and what specific topics you would like to see addressed.  Go to the contact page to submit your comments, and we will be sure to respond soon.

For the cause of Liberty and Truth, Huzzah!

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