In 1775, Loyalist Henry Pelham created a map in support of the British as they sought to destroy the American revolutionaries.  With passion and meticulous detail, Pelham’s rendition assisted the British in the opening phase of the American Revolution, and there are only a few copies left in museums throughout the world.  What this teaches Americans is that there were two main divisions even among Americans preceding and during the War for Independence: the Patriots and the Loyalists (or Tories as they are sometimes called).  While it is common to think that most people living in the Colonies were supporters of the revolutionary spirit that permeated the likes in Massachusetts and Virginia, this assumption cannot be further from the truth.  Each individual had their reasons for how they reacted to the events leading up to war, and as with Henry Pelham, his belief was that he owed himself and his principles to the Crown.  May his map demonstrate the differences that were experienced within the colonies, and may each student of the period appreciate the complexity of political philosophy.