American Revolution History will be moving its main office to Oswego, NY effective March 1, 2018.  Given the historical significance of the region with Fort Ontario in the city and numerous historical resources available, this is an important move for the future of the organization.  More information will be forthcoming detailing speaking engagements and research projects to benefit the community and the entire discipline throughout the nation.



Earlier today, a lock of George Washington’s hair was found in an eighteenth-century almanac by archivist Daniel Michelson at Union College in Schenectady, New York.  While historians are not sure as to how the lock of hair got there, early reports show that the book belonged to Philip Schuyler, son of the famed General Philip Schuyler who was a close associate and friend of General George Washington.

We will update you as further developments become available.




The following article is posted by our friends at the Junto: A Group Blog on Early American History:

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Here at American Revolution History, we believe that the larger issue here is placing too much emphasis on PhD education in history, and not in the education of the American public.  While it is commendable for historians to pursue a PhD in history to land a position at a top-tier research university, public education programs and outreach are more important than attaining tenure for the sake of getting publishing contracts.